Preparing your own supplement can be economical, can avoid waste and is customized to meet your needs.

Buy the individual supplements and then mix them according to the dose you need, in addition to being economical, it avoids waste. In addition, if your planning is correct, your body will have access to exactly what it needs, without forcing the metabolism to eliminate that which has not been used.

Supplement ready x Supplement homemade

The industrialized pre-workout supplement may be practical, but it is not inexpensive and will hardly meet your specific needs.

In addition, some brands omit the dosage of each ingredient and show only the substances the product contains. That way you are not able to know exactly what you are taking.

When you opt for the home pre-workout supplement, you become accountable for its performance and free to choose the ingredients and dosage you really need. A combination of 2 or 3 supplements among those mentioned above is already able to streamline your workout as long as it aligned with your goal.


Now that you know the top supplements that can help improve your physical performance, you can choose the ones that best fit your goals and activities and build your own pre-workout.

In addition, mixing the ingredients gives you the ability to change recipes when you notice that the results are not satisfactory. If you were to use a ready-made supplement, that would never be possible without wastage.

– Pre-workout for long resistance exercises

So, if you need energy for long-term resistance exercises, you can combine, for example, BCCA supplements, nitrate and caffeine.

A 70 kg person, for example, could prepare the pre-workout supplement using 5 grams of BCCA, 420 milligrams of nitrate and 210 milligrams of caffeine.

– Pre-workout for intense and short-term exercises

If you practice shorter and more intense activities, such as those that leave your muscles quite fatigued during their execution, the ideal would be to combine beta-alanine with caffeine, citrulline and sodium bicarbonate, for example.

So someone weighing 70 kg could prepare the supplement with about 4 grams of beta-alanine, 210 milligrams of caffeine, 6 grams of citrulline and 20 grams of baking soda.

– Pre-workout for hypertrophy training

If your focus is hypertrophy, combine creatine with caffeine and citrulline for better potency and strength during activity.

In this case, a 70 kg individual should mix 10 grams of creatine with 210 milligrams of caffeine and 6 grams of citrulline during the first few days of training. And then keep doses of caffeine and citrulline and decrease creatine for a serving of 3 grams.

The possibility of mixing the individual ingredients gives you the freedom to prepare different pre-workouts according to the activity to be practiced without getting “stuck” to just one kind of ready-to-use supplement.

In addition, doing a home pre-workout allows your performance to be much higher than before, boosting the results achieved.